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Herb pillows have been the best kept secret in modern Oriental Medicine (OM).  They have been in use for at least 2,000 years.  Some of the most famous physicians of Chinese medicine wrote about and prescribed herb pillows, including Sun Si Miao and Hua Tuo (names that are extremely well-known to practitioners of Oriental Medicine).  Used by legendary and historical figures including Confucius, Lao Tzu, King Wen and King Wu of Zhou, Princess Taiping and the Emperor Shen Nong (the legendary “father of Chinese herbal medicine) herb pillows have enjoyed a long and dignified history of effectiveness.

While the popularity of oriental medicine has exploded in the West over the past few decades, herb pillows have gone almost completely overlooked.  Until now!   China has been enjoying the magic of herb pillows, used by heads of state, doctors, and the public alike for years and we at OM Herb Pillows are now thrilled to bring this kind of healing to the Western world!

Our pillows rest (pun!) on the integrity of  traditional eastern medicine but we have designed them to be used in keeping with a western lifestyle.  We are sure you’ll sleep better with our pillow.  History has proven the effectiveness of the herb pillow, and with modern technology and advances in research, we have turned a traditional healing technique into a convenient and revolutionary experience.